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Immersion Day 3

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Immersion Day 1

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Immersion Day 0

Also known as the kick start.

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Words of advise: Accepting your mistake is a decent thing to do but apologizing isn't .The only thing that can show you the thin line in between them is your self esteem. Don't ever let it go.

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Update on the Offer

So finally I've got an offer from ThoughtWorks. So here is the revised list of pros and cons.

ThoughtWorks OrgLex
Work place Agile practices - Great Work Culture Startup - good opportunity to work
Effect on personal life Flexible Timings Oppurtunity to pursue my own Ideas
Compensation High Pay Average pay
Platform .Net, Java or (unlikely)Ruby Web Development
Long term Advantage first hand startup experience Learn corporate culture

Nothing really new on the topic from previous post. Just a reiteration of the facts in a tabular manner and also wanted to tell you that till now I tended a bit towards Thoughtworks. Now, only if they would turn that package up a notch. :)

Update: Got a call back for my mail as I was finishing this post. So I got a very little hike from that less-than-good package to an okay-okay-types package. I'm almost happy. How about you guys? Please do speak what you want to and leave comments. You guys who bother enough to take a look at my humble blog are really important to me.

Edit: So I got a call from ThoughtWorks to remove the salary info from the blog. Yeah, I know its unusual, but I'm complying. May be because they asked my nicely ;). Hi HR(I didn't want to take your name; it's more sensitive than my salary.), if you are reading this, I would have appreciated a comment more than a call. :D

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Career advise

High paying, flexible, start-up with lots of work or regular hours, good paying, normal company with great work culture?

what would you pick?

Considering, on long term I want to start my own company,

  • if I take first, I get first hand startup experiance,
  • if I take second, I get to know how normal comapnies work, and get the time to work on my own ideas.

Edit: Just to clarify, the first is really small company in Hyderabad with just five employees in all and the other is ThoughtWorks, B'lore.

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"Please ra"

The words have been echoing in my head since morning. I wanted to post after a long time taking Harita's advise. But I don't know what to post about. The words though, were strong in my head, mean so little to everyone else. I see a blog topic here, about things we feel strongly about but are lost in the void of expression. But I'm feeling too lazy to think about it.

The days are going by lazily. I'm flat broke and Jobless. I'm looking for a good job that would pay me handsomely. something like atleast 25kpm in-hand. No luck yet. Came across a few openings but in Java world though. For one, I'm not a master at Java and secondly, I'm afraid I can't switch over to C at a later date if I get settled in it.

A friend referred me to VMWare, but I haven't heard from them yet. I wish I could make it this time. I really don't have any good opportunities in sight beyond that. BTW, if any of you guys come across any openings, please let me know.

May be I should be bothered about my situation. May be I should worry about it and take it really seriously and throw a tantrum. The fact is I can't. Even when people called me careless, and the ones dear pointed out that I'm being irresponsible. Believe me, I tried to worry about all of it, but nothing really matters.

Like always, I'm not a good 'ender'. So this marks the last sentence of the post.

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Will Work For Food, and flight tickets.

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am I?

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